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I am tough. I am strong.
Yes, I am tough I am strong,
with my entwined bastion of solitude.
Pentagon, octagon,

its shape may sway in the wind,
but once you get in, there is no escaping.
With the skills of a craftsman,
I weaved my home -

an ethereal chateau
sheltered from the elements.
A ray of light reveals
its beauty, shrouded

not by the reclusive location.
Quiver Quiver
Who is there?
Oh, my guests are here.

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When I got out of my car, and walked along the path in front of the West Mall Centre, I felt an odd sense of familiarity. I remembered that the philosophy department was located in this building, third or fourth floor. I had not set foot in the place for several years, but there was no time for me to reminisce about my days up in Burnaby Mountain. I was half an hour late for my meeting.

To be fair, these "meetings" were really just long lectures about things that I should already know, or could find out about on the internet within minutes. The idea behind these classes, I believed, was just to test our dedication towards our commitment. It was a fair test that I intended to pass. It was way too boring, but, what must be done needed to be done. The lecture hall was quite full. There was no seat available near the entrance so I sat on the stairs. I regretted this choice later though. It was way stiffer than I had anticipated.

My day lighted up quite a bit as I looked at the speaker on the podium. He was talking as I walked in, but I was too busy trying to find a seat. I had not really noticed him until I settled down. Then the more I looked at him, the more he got to me. He wore black-framed glasses. His brown hair was short. The lights in the hall was dimmed for the projector, but they gave his skin a shade of deep red. It looked as if he was under the sun, even though there was nothing but dark ceiling above him. He wore a blue shirt, and it was unbuttoned at the top. Coupled with the jeans, the ensemble gave him a smart yet casual look. He was charming, indeed.

Of course, a person's charm does not depend solely on appearance. He had high-pitched voice, but it was not weird. He had an accent, but he spoke clear enough to be understood. He was an animated speaker, moving about and gesturing all along. I still do not know whether his sheer enthusiasm or his sense of humor had me first. I do know his presence was awe-inspiring. He went over time with his speech but I thought nobody cared. It was enjoyable, even though I could not care less about the topic at the moment. I could get used to lectures like this.

He picked up his black jacket and left during the break, but not before he had a nice chat with the other guest speakers first. Who was he again? I was not there for the introduction, but I looked him up in the lecture notes: Manager, Transportation Systems NOCs/NPCs.
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It's me again.
Is it night time over there now?

I just want to remind you,
to water my jasmine.

I still have business to take care of.
Please take care of them for another month.

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Sep. 3rd, 2009 12:40 am
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Hankering thoughts characterize dreamy smile; tight
Embrace tops sweet prose by a mile.
Inspiration comes knocking on the cheek; take flight
Now, with the wings of the muse still sleek.
Excellence is always, the lofty goal; but my night
Light has only, ever aimed low!

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ark, dives to the screams
and laughter. Ark-ark-
ark, soars to the clouds
and cheer. Ark-ark-
ark, sails without winds
and water. Ark-ark-
ark, spirited is this
exhilarating ride to

the treasures of fantasy. Thus
the ark has neither rats
nor the gutless on deck. This
airborne vessel, you
must bull your way through
to book for passage. You
must be at least as tall as the red line to ride.

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Richmond is not big. Nevertheless I was quite surprised when I saw this guy in Bestbuy. He was someone I knew from high school.

My Dad wanted a new TV and needed me as an interpreter, but the attendants spoke Chinese too, so he could just talk to them himself. There was nothing for me to do, so I just stared into space. I was standing in front of a counter when he came. He dyed his hair blond, otherwise he looked more or less the same as in my memory. The Bestbuy uniform really did not suit him, though I cannot tell whether that was because he was not tall enough, or because he drove a BMW. I did not move; he did not stop. Soon he walked past me, and I did not think much of it. Last time I saw him we also did not talk.

That was when I was in the cafeteria on the Richmond campus of Kwantlen. I was talking to someone, while walking out from the front door. He walked in just about then. Our eyes briefly met, and then he immediately turned to the vending machine. I did not linger, but I did not think he bought anything from it. That reminded me. I also did that once, turning my face as if I had not saw someone when it was so clear that I did. Now I know how weird I must have looked to that other person.

There is more to it this time, though. He turned up right in front of me, facing me with the back of his head. He chatted with the attendants, but really, I can see that he was more interested in what we were buying - he was sniffing at the computer screen that showed our invoice. You know, you could just have asked.

I just do not get why we so naturally and how we so effortlessly repel each other.  Maybe some of us are just not cut out to be friends.
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The walls are not complete and full of holes. The foundation is especially weak when there are big operations going on. If a storm knocks down one of the pillars, it will have to be rebuilt. It is an arduous process. However, each failure points to a structural weakness in the design, so when a pillar is restored, it is at least somewhat stronger than before.

The job of the architect is to make sure that there are enough pillars at any one time to support the structural integrity of the tower. You never know when the weather may turn bad, so redundancy is necessary. Of course, that does not mean one could just keep erecting pillars everywhere. There are constrains in resources as well. The best way to keep the maximum number of pillars up while keeping sustainability in mind is to refine the rebuilding process, so that destroyed pillars can be restored as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, a pillar may be destroyed so utterly that repair seems counter productive. In cases like this, discretion is required. The pillars together form the whole of the tower. Each pillar plays a part in molding the final shape. Therefore, do not be too hasty to judge. Look at the wreckage from different sides, and salvage as much as possible. Also, mark the spot, regardless of whether the pillar is to be replaced. The knowledge will help prevent future pillars from falling the same way.
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I can't help but look
      at the pink plaid elephant -
           a cute guy from class.

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Sometimes, it doesn't take much to convey a powerful message. Take this mime for example, the tugging of the base of the condom really painted a cute message for this ad. It is quite an interesting twist on an otherwise mechanical action.

8 P.M.

Aug. 14th, 2009 10:41 pm
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From time to time, I would go to the Minoru tracks for a walk.  Tonight was one of those days.  I never liked walking - too boring.  This time I brought a book, so I can read while walking.  I was the only one walking with a book.  It's alright.

The story hit an unexpected twist.  Zombies.  Now that I think about it, it was kind of creepy when I walked on the track with so many people walking in the same direction, while at the same time reading about zombies chasing people.  However, something else caught my attention.  It was that familiar breathing sound, clear and constant.  I looked up and sure enough, it was him.

I have only ever seen his back.  The few times I saw him he wore a cap with his black mid-length hair tugged straight at the back, a tank top that showed his smooth muscular arms, and navy pants with buttons on the side.  He ran, so from time to time he would run past me.  Whenever that happened though, I would first hear his breathing from behind.  He always breathed at that exact same way as if it was played by a tape recorder on repeat, so it could not be mistaken.  Whenever I heard his breath I would look up and watch him.

He ran alone.  There was no music player or anything.  He just kept his head straight ahead as he ran around the walkers like he was in an obstacle course.  I have never seen a moment of hesitation in him.  He took wide steps, so it looked like he was momentarily airborne right after each thrust of his legs.  Soon enough, he would disappear into the crowd far ahead.

Masculinity, enough said.
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This is the blog where I keep my writing.  There is not much since my recent switch to Dreamwidth.  The entries are categorized with tags, which I'll add to as I have more offerings.


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