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When I got out of my car, and walked along the path in front of the West Mall Centre, I felt an odd sense of familiarity. I remembered that the philosophy department was located in this building, third or fourth floor. I had not set foot in the place for several years, but there was no time for me to reminisce about my days up in Burnaby Mountain. I was half an hour late for my meeting.

To be fair, these "meetings" were really just long lectures about things that I should already know, or could find out about on the internet within minutes. The idea behind these classes, I believed, was just to test our dedication towards our commitment. It was a fair test that I intended to pass. It was way too boring, but, what must be done needed to be done. The lecture hall was quite full. There was no seat available near the entrance so I sat on the stairs. I regretted this choice later though. It was way stiffer than I had anticipated.

My day lighted up quite a bit as I looked at the speaker on the podium. He was talking as I walked in, but I was too busy trying to find a seat. I had not really noticed him until I settled down. Then the more I looked at him, the more he got to me. He wore black-framed glasses. His brown hair was short. The lights in the hall was dimmed for the projector, but they gave his skin a shade of deep red. It looked as if he was under the sun, even though there was nothing but dark ceiling above him. He wore a blue shirt, and it was unbuttoned at the top. Coupled with the jeans, the ensemble gave him a smart yet casual look. He was charming, indeed.

Of course, a person's charm does not depend solely on appearance. He had high-pitched voice, but it was not weird. He had an accent, but he spoke clear enough to be understood. He was an animated speaker, moving about and gesturing all along. I still do not know whether his sheer enthusiasm or his sense of humor had me first. I do know his presence was awe-inspiring. He went over time with his speech but I thought nobody cared. It was enjoyable, even though I could not care less about the topic at the moment. I could get used to lectures like this.

He picked up his black jacket and left during the break, but not before he had a nice chat with the other guest speakers first. Who was he again? I was not there for the introduction, but I looked him up in the lecture notes: Manager, Transportation Systems NOCs/NPCs.


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