Aug. 26th, 2009

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Richmond is not big. Nevertheless I was quite surprised when I saw this guy in Bestbuy. He was someone I knew from high school.

My Dad wanted a new TV and needed me as an interpreter, but the attendants spoke Chinese too, so he could just talk to them himself. There was nothing for me to do, so I just stared into space. I was standing in front of a counter when he came. He dyed his hair blond, otherwise he looked more or less the same as in my memory. The Bestbuy uniform really did not suit him, though I cannot tell whether that was because he was not tall enough, or because he drove a BMW. I did not move; he did not stop. Soon he walked past me, and I did not think much of it. Last time I saw him we also did not talk.

That was when I was in the cafeteria on the Richmond campus of Kwantlen. I was talking to someone, while walking out from the front door. He walked in just about then. Our eyes briefly met, and then he immediately turned to the vending machine. I did not linger, but I did not think he bought anything from it. That reminded me. I also did that once, turning my face as if I had not saw someone when it was so clear that I did. Now I know how weird I must have looked to that other person.

There is more to it this time, though. He turned up right in front of me, facing me with the back of his head. He chatted with the attendants, but really, I can see that he was more interested in what we were buying - he was sniffing at the computer screen that showed our invoice. You know, you could just have asked.

I just do not get why we so naturally and how we so effortlessly repel each other.  Maybe some of us are just not cut out to be friends.


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